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E6: Self-Efficacy and Gaining Clarity on Career Choices

Why Listen: If you have teens looking to make career choices - You will want to listen to Devon’s advice.  Heck, get career advice for yourself!

E5: Surely a Marketing Generalist knows how to market themselves?

Why Listen: How does a generalist fit in with the evolving landscape of marketing and the pressure to specialize.

E4: The Power Of Knowing What Is Good Enough.

Why Listen: Help remove any imposter syndrome you may have.

E1: Welcome to The Generalist Advantage Podcast.

Why Listen: If you're curious how the podcast came to be and who I am

E3: Are generalists better at embracing change?

Why Listen: Canada has a housing crisis among many other countries. How can generalists help?

E2: The person who kicked off my generalist journey.

Why Listen: If you’ve been meaning to find other generalists and embracing your career as one.

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