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I love to create ah-ha moments. I help remove the noise and clutter of business complexity to effectively solve the most critical business decisions, risks and problems that keep leaders up at night. I can be brought in to help a leadership team strategically work through a specific challenge, or I can teach and integrate critical thinking as a core organization competency – a skill set that offers businesses a significant competitive advantage in today’s rapidly changing market.

My approach is to be a trusted partner – I get to know you, your teams and your business. My track record of successfully building, re-engineering, designing and problem-solving is from a facilitated customized approach with a laser focus on achieving results.

As a generalist, my knowledge is wide and deep. I grasp concepts and issues quickly and apply the best solutions from the variety of business and domain knowledge I’ve acquired moving from an Engineer to a People Executive.

I’m an Olympic Level Business Decathlete. I wear the many hats needed to bridge the gaps from vision to reality.

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Julie Lavergne

Business Decathlete

From Complexity to Clarity

Julie Lavergne

Facilitation Expert

Whether the meeting is to set the strategy, assess risk, make a major decision, brainstorm a future state, or plan the next steps, I quickly become a trusted team partner to grease the wheels and get the best input from everyone.

Get the results you need from your high impact meeting

Trainer & Coach – Build Capability

Critical thinking skills are listed as the top skills needed for success in the future of work. I teach workshops and coach individuals and teams to think better through a systematic approach to improving.

Consultant – Get a third-party bird’s eye view.

Get an assessment on how the culture, leadership, talent strategies, organization structure and/or quality systems are aligned with your strategy to meet business goals.

I partner with you to develop a customized approach to meet the people and the business where they are at.

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My focus is on connections: Connecting people with their purpose, connecting team members with each other, connecting all of us with the world so that our lives are as meaningful and impactful as possible.

I’d love to chat with you to answer your questions, talk about how we could work together and how I could help your business.

Are you interested to find out how we can work together?

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