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Why Work With
8Ball Clarity ?

Do you ever wish you could turn to a Magic 8 Ball to help you make complex workplace decisions?

Through facilitation, strategic interventions, and coaching, I help my clients navigate their complex business landscapes to make decisions, advance their goals, and solve problems- fast.

And while I’m no fortune teller, my experience and expertise across disciplines means that together, we’ll find clarity.

How Can 8Ball Clarity help you?

Do you or your team face challenges and need guidance on how to navigate them effectively?
Here are 3 things I do well:

Strategic Consulting with 8Ball Clarity

Strategic Consulting

In today's fast-paced business landscape, strategic thinking is paramount to staying ahead. Leveraging critical thinking as the cornerstone, I offer comprehensive strategic consultations aimed at driving your business toward success.

Facilitation with 8Ball Clarity.


A skilled facilitator can make all the difference in the outcome of your critical meetings.

Executive Coaching with 8Ball Clarity

Executive Coaching

Unlock your full potential and elevate your performance with tailored coaching that meets your needs in the moment.

Oh and I also Speak

8Ball Clarity Core Values

I believe in

Generalism - Power of the Generalist


There is power in the perspective of the generalist when it comes to problem-solving.
Correctedness - Forging trust and creating a courageous space.


Progress comes from forging trust and creating a courageous space to build “connectedness”
Truth Telling - Key to creating sustainable solutions.

Truth Telling

Active listening what is not being said and taking risks to support ‘truth telling’ are the key to creating sustainable solutions.
Co-Creation with Julie Lavergne and 8Ball Clarity


Co-creation is critical in making good decisions that solve present and future problems
Concrete Action - Taking any step is more productive than analysis paralysis.

Concrete Action

There is tremendous value in forward momentum - Often taking any step is more productive than analysis paralysis.

I help teams to make better and faster decisions in order to solve the problems of today and tomorrow.

Using the lens of co-creation, I help teams tackle challenges as ‘creative generalist’ with a laser-focus on forward momentum.

Julie Lavergne

Founder and CEO, 8Ball Clarity

Who Have 8Ball Clarity Worked With?

I’ve delivered value across a spectrum of sectors, spanning startups to established organizations, encompassing the public sector, not-for-profit, and private domains, as well as diverse industries such as technology, manufacturing, and professional services. Some of my experiences and clients include:

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