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E6: Self-Efficacy and Gaining Clarity on Career Choices

Why Listen: If you have teens looking to make career choices – you will want to listen to Devon’s advice.  Heck, get career advice for yourself!

Devon Turcotte, a career advisor, knows how to answer the questions “I have 10 things I could do and I don’t know where to start”.  She discusses how the outcome of career development support is to learn self-efficacy and a stronger sense of self-determination. It’s understanding your strengths and how to leverage them (an area generalists are learning to do better!). What are the current research, tools, and trends in navigating early career choices?  Devon has the answers to that too.

Portrait of Devon Turcotte, owner of careerified.

Devon Turcotte (she/her) is a career advisor and the owner of careerified, where she focuses on helping GenZ and young Millennials gain career clarity and craft actionable steps so that they can build meaningful careers that have an impact. Devon’s draw to the career development field is rooted in the connection between mental health and career decisions. Prior to starting careerified, Devon worked with thousands of teens, parents, and educators, providing workshops and coaching support on everything from post-secondary pathways to admissions to career exploration and strategic job search. Devon currently lives in Prince Edward Island (Epekwitk, the ancestral and unceded territory of the Mi’kmaq people) with her family.

LinkedIn: Devon Turcotte
Website: careerified

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