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E7: Is Generalism Dead with Gen Z?

Why Listen: If you want to learn more about Gen Z, their views and how they navigate their career.

Julie interviews Beverley Carkner, a marketing professional with over 20 years of experience across various industries, including publishing, tourism, government, self-employement and now medical. 

In episode 6, we talked about the career and schooling choices you have to make as a teen.  And how the pressure of picking that one career still exists today.  So I connected with two GenZ’ers to investigate how they navigated these choices.  Whether they admit it or not, it was obvious from the first conversation I had with them, that they are generalists.  From a young age they not only have multiple interests, they already were well accomplished in many domains.  I can only imagine what’s in store from them. 

Join me as I chat with Anthony Valenti and Tyler Sharma, who short of graduating from law school, have their hands in so many things that I can’t even being to describe it all here.  What I do know, during the entire conversation, their mindset and perspective was fascinating to me.

Headshot of Anthony Valenti

Anthony Valenti is a pragmatic leader who prioritizes people in all aspects of his work. With a wealth of experience advising corporate executives, entrepreneurs, and community leaders, he specializes in brand strategy, strategic communications, and stakeholder outreach. As the Chief Operating Officer and Co-Founder of Citron, he is dedicated to empowering entrepreneurs through technology. Additionally, Anthony holds executive positions in The Valenti Corporation and SVHL, and is deeply involved in various Boards of Directors, including Centrepointe Childcare Services. He is also the founder of Cardigan Rosebank, a consulting firm supporting entrepreneurs and executives through integrated services in public relations and corporate strategy. Anthony’s career reflects his relentless dedication and exemplary work ethic.

LinkedIn: Anthony Valenti

Headshot of Tyler Sharma

Tyler Sharma is a dynamic leader driving innovation and robust corporate governance structures at SVHL, where she serves as Vice-Chairwoman. Beyond the boardroom, Tyler ensures success and industry-setting standards in ventures spanning real estate, lifestyle, and media. As the force behind Cardigan Rosebank, Tyler leverages her strategic communications expertise and academic insights from Carleton University to offer unique brand management services. Collaborating closely with clients, she crafts resonant brands that embody their mission and vision in the global marketplace.

LinkedIn: Tyler Sharma

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