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E1: Welcome to The Generalist Advantage Podcast.

Why Listen: If you’re curious how the podcast came to be and who I am.

Julie Lavergne, host of The Generalist Advantage, dives into deep conversations about being a generalist in various professional fields. She invites a new guest who provides a unique perspective on what it means to be a generalist.

Julie and her guests explore the complexities, challenges, and advantages of being a generalist, shedding light on their nonlinear career journeys. They also share how overcoming these challenges have contributed to their success and moulded their professional identities.

Each episode allows the guest to share insights about their unique experiences as a generalist, ensuring that listeners receive a broad spectrum of perspectives on the subject.

Julie concludes every episode by querying her guests about their future forecasts regarding the role of generalists in a specialist-dominated world, prompting enlightening discourses that add significant value to the generalist community.

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