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Generalist Advantage


E2: The person who kicked off my generalist journey.

Why Listen: If you’ve been meaning to find other generalists and embracing your career as one. 

Host Julie Lavergne and guest Christine Pothier discuss their journey of embracing the “generalist” identity in their careers. Christine shares how a podcast in early 2022 validated this path for her after struggling to find a specialty. They connected on LinkedIn during the pandemic, bonding over similar career experiences. Their conversation inspired Julie’s new podcast and community for generalists. Christine reflects on past projects, highlighting the strengths and challenges of her problem-solving skills and ability to rally diverse talents. Together, they delve into the communication challenges and recruitment barriers faced by generalists.

Christine Pothier is a seasoned Behavior Specialist dedicated to cultivating high-performing cultures that drive sustainable success. Specializing in equipping leaders with the resilience needed to navigate change and uncertainty, she focuses on realizing ambitious goals while addressing internal and systemic barriers within organizational systems. Through her expertise, she facilitates team collaboration and contributions by implementing strategies that promote inclusivity, communication, and innovation. Additionally, Christine offers professional performance coaching at the individual level, guiding clients towards unlocking their full potential and achieving professional growth. With a holistic approach that blends psychology, leadership development, and organizational behavior, she serves as a trusted advisor, fostering positive change and enhancing organizational effectiveness.

LinkedIn: Christine Pothier
Website: Wayscape

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