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E4: The Power Of Knowing What Is Good Enough.

Why Listen: Help remove any imposter syndrome you may have.

Julie and Karissa, two business enthusiasts explore the often overlooked yet crucial role of generalists in today’s professional landscape. They discuss the importance of recognizing one’s limitations and being transparent about expertise, while also emphasizing the value of bridging gaps and making connections. Through anecdotes and shared experiences, they highlight the evolving nature of defining and communicating professional identity, as well as the potential for generalists to offer customizable solutions tailored to client needs.

Headshot of Karissa Peterson, Founder of Haus of Ops.

Karissa Peterson is a committed entrepreneur and former operations executive with 15 years of diverse leadership experience across retail, finance, agriculture, and technology. As a generalist and mother of two, she co-founded two ventures and has a strong passion for empowering business owners to thrive. Karissa excels in cutting through the chaos of startup life, adept at connecting people, processes, and plans to foster both organizational and personal growth. Passionate about nurturing individuals to reach their full potential, and a believer that business can be fun, she creates positive environments for success. Beyond work, Karissa enjoys cheering for the Toronto Maple Leafs, organizing, and spending time with her family and friends.

LinkedIn: Karissa Peterson
Website: Haus of Ops

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