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E3: Are generalists better at embracing change?

Why Listen: Canada has a housing crisis among many other countries. How can generalists help?

In this episode, Julie and Kathleen dive deep into the world of generalism, exploring Kathleen’s extensive career spanning architecture, parks management, law enforcement, and more. Kathleen shares her journey of embracing a broad perspective and the importance of connecting different disciplines to form a holistic understanding of complex issues. They discuss the value of generalists in driving innovation and problem-solving, particularly in industries like construction and facility management. Through personal anecdotes and insightful discussions, they highlight the role of generalists in navigating change, promoting collaboration, and shaping the future of work. Kathleen emphasizes the need to recognize and cultivate generalist skills to address the multifaceted challenges of our rapidly evolving world.

Kathleen Lausman, MBA, BES (Arch.) is a Principal at Shift2Lean Inc. and a building industry professional with a background in architecture and business. Her 40+ years of experience is that of the Public Owner and leader of Project and Facility Management teams within various sectors: Parks, Law Enforcement, Education, Healthcare, Manufacturing, Technology and Government. She is a former Deputy Minister for the Nunavut Territorial Government, Canada and former Co-Chair and forming member of the Lean Construction Institute – Canada.

LinkedIn: Kathleen Lausman
Website: Shift2Lean Inc.

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